Friday, July 10, 2009

Something from the Scrap Pile

From Adriel:
The other day I found a piece of Old Olive CS in our scrap bin that was already folded as a standard A2 size card and the front of it was stamped with some images from Fifth Avenue Floral. I must have been feeling adventurous because I decided to make the poor card into something...

Um... I'm not sure if I like it. The card may have been better off left uncompleted in the scrap pile. I don't know... when I picked it out of the scraps, it seemed to be screaming for someone to finish it. I just think I wasn't the right person to finish it. =D

Anyway, it was fun to play around with. I used my mom's sewing machine again and tried out
(by memory) a ribbon pleating tutorial I ran across awhile back. It also has a nice paper pleating tutorial along with it and you can find those HERE on Studio Calico's blog. I don't know if I followed their directions exactly, but I ended up with pleated ribbon and that was the point, so I was at least successful in that regard. =P

At least I tried something new and had some fun. And I enjoyed myself!

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Winter said...

I really like how it turned out! I love the stitching! Great job!