Friday, July 17, 2009

Where was my brain?!

From Adriel:

We recently sold our Bargain Birthday Bundle of cards out of our Etsy shop. This has been in our shop for a month or two... at the price, I was actually surprised it took so long to sell. That is until I read back over the listing and realized my HUGE error in the description. Before I let you read it, I'll let you know that we sold this bundle of 8 birthday cards for $12, just to give you an accurate view of the price. Okay, here's the picture of the cards:

And here's the part of the description that made me wonder "Where was my brain?!" (I didn't actually think that, but it was something like "Ohhhhhh!"):

<<"Get a bundle and save a bunch! You pay $12.00 for each HANDMADE card! Unless it's pretty mediocre, you can't get a mass-produced card for that much. Buy handmade and give something special!">>

Did you catch my mistake? I made it big and bolded it so you would find it. ;-)

Oh boy, it's special alright! $12 for each card... wow, what a bargain! LOL! =P I'm sure glad I included so many pictures so the buyer understood that the listing was for 8 cards and the price for all of them was $12. I wonder how many people have clicked on that listing and read that and gotten out of there as fast as they could! Yikes!

Ha Ha!! I thought my blunder was funny and wanted to share (at my expense)! Want to share one of yours? Leave us a comment! We would love to laugh WITH you! =D

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ctprezzia said...

LOL - how funny! But really, adorable cards -though I admit, not $12 per card adorable. :D Congrats on selling all your "bargain" bundles.