Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Stampers!

From Adriel:

I took a few pictures Thursday afternoon of my mom (Heidi) and my daughter (Kayla) crafting. My mom was putting the finishing touches on her latest tea bag books (so cute!) and Kayla was just making a card for fun.
My mom loves to make these tea bag books! She looks like she's enjoying herself. =) BTW, I think her hand-cut apple is very well done!

Happy Stampers don't always smile when they're working...

...but they almost always smile when they're finished! =D

Kayla's finished card! She did a great job! She stamped the little border free-hand with a small stamp that didn't cover very much... I'm surprised at how even she got it! Wow! I did have to help her with her bow, but she will eventually learn how to do that herself. =)

Kayla wants to sell her cards like Mom and Grandma do. Maybe one day she will! =)

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Linda Beeson said...

Your daughters card is wonderful! You do have a stamper on your hands there, how cool! Teabag book? Now that sounds interesting and looks very cute!