Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christmas and Lemonade

From Heidi...I know these don't seem to go together, but their commonality is that they're both card themes for a couple of our themed upcoming classes - Christmas in July (at Tumbleweed Rec. Ctr.) and Celebrate Summer (our August project class). While for most of you, summer is a time for gardening and being outdoors, summer for us in AZ is a time to escape the heat. We do a lot of indoor activities for a few months in the summer, unless we're swimming. This time of year is great for creativity, because the heat is not very luring...while the rest of year the outdoors cries for you to come out and play! With that said, here are a couple of cards that we'll be making in our upcoming classes. I wish I could take credit for their originality, but I was inspired by several other inspiring paper crafters. I've seen several of the lemonade cards posted on different blogs, so this is my take on both of the cards.
The Christmas in July Class will be held at the Tumbleweed Recreation Center, Tuesday, July 28, 9:30- Noon. You can find all the details and registration information at: www.chandleraz.gov/recreation
Have a great Tuesday!


vickiw said...

super cute and both make me feel cooler :D even if its just mentally

Kerri Settle said...

That lemonade card is just too cute. I also think it's never too early to get started on Christmas cards, because you can always use more when the time comes.

The Chrysanthemum said...

Adorable cards, you've got the best of both worlds there! Plus, you're hitting customers like me who shop early for Christmas!

Susan (rainy) said...

Two adorable cards. I love the Christmas tree scene with all the dp.