Saturday, August 16, 2008

Please Vote!

From Adriel:

Hi there! Well, I was the only one to enter in Theresa's Handbag Challenge AGAIN this week, so I'm the weekly winner! (For more info about my winning entry on the right, view yesterday's post.) Really, if you like challenges, consider participating in next week's challenge! She has some great prizes she's giving away.

Anyway, I need votes for my winning entry! Click here to leave a comment on Theresa's blog about my entry to vote for it. Voting ends Sunday at 7pm. Thanks for your consideration and thanks for looking!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Congrats!! And what a cute daughter!! No worries about the one attendee. I've been an SU demo for two years, I sent out so many Open House invites, and only 5 people came. Some days just work better than others!