Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Favor to Ask...

From Adriel:

Hello there! I have a favor to ask anyone out there! You know the handbag challenge on Theresa Forseth's blog that I posted about on Thursday? Well, I won for this week's challenge! I know that sounds exciting, and it is, but it's not saying much about my creative talent since I was the ONLY entry. Nevertheless, I won a package of SU! Fresh Cuts notecards and I'm pretty happy about that! My winning entry is on the right!

Anyway, this is a 12-week-long challenge. Every week has a different challenge, inspired by a different handbag each week. The way Theresa has this challenge worked out is that each challenger receives a point just for participating. She takes the first 5 challenges she receives and also picks her own 5 and among those 10, readers can vote for their favorite one. Each vote in favor of a certain entry is another point. The entry with the most points for that week wins a weekly prize. In addition, the entry with the most points at the end of the 12-week challenge wins the grand prize! (More details here)

So, what's the favor? Would you consider voting for my entry? All you have to do is comment at the end of the post on Theresa's blog about my entry. (If you click on the link to the left, it will take you to the correct post where you can vote.) You can comment anonymously if you do not have a blog or wish to remain unknown.

I thank you all ahead of time for your consideration! I hope this will get someone else involved in this challenge! Challenges stretch my creativity so much and make me think outside of the box. I love that! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for looking!

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