Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is Coming

From Adriel:

We had a great class Tuesday evening at Tumbleweed Rec. Center. Our birthday bash cards were a lot of fun to make and it was enjoyable to spend time with those who attended.

This is completely off-subject, but it was so cold yesterday, especially in the evening. The air had a snap to it. Our weather is having a hard time deciding what it wants to do, but spring is right around the corner and our project class tomorrow screams spring and butterflies!
This month we're making a cute 3-D art project using the new Beautiful Wings embosslit die featured in the Occasions Mini. Once this new baby girl gets here and we've settled into life again, I'm planning on re-doing Kayla's room, since it will be "the girls'" room. I want to paint it and put some curtains up and new blinds. This type of 3-D project is great for sprucing up any room and adding a nice artistic element to it. I would like to make something like this in the colors I end up using for their room. =)
We're also making this cute pocket card that holds a packet of seeds! The note insert slides into the pocket, along with the packet of seeds. So cute! =)

Both of these projects are a great way to welcome spring! I'm going to be getting the supplies ready for this class today and am looking forward to teaching it to those of you who will be joining us tomorrow! Have a wonderful day! =)

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