Monday, March 1, 2010

THS Color Challenge #1 Results

The Two Happy Stampers Color Challenge #1 is over and we have some sharing to do! Thanks to everyone who played along in our color challenge last month! We didn't have a whole lot of participation, but for it being the first challenge, it was a fun experience and we hope to do it again! =)

Here's the creations that were inspired by the THS Color Challenge #1!

Anthonette Chavez - fellow card and stamping blogger... great style and card making/stamping abilities. Anthonette is such a nice blogger friend to play along with us! Thanks, Anthonette! =)

Linda - a fellow member of the Etsy Greetings Team that we are also part of. Thanks for joining us, Linda! =)

Nan Tonelli - Nan stamps with us (or one of us) usually once a month at one of our local classes. Nan, your card turned out great! Thanks for joining us! =)

Thanks again to everyone who participated! We'll have a new challenge up for the month of March soon, so be on the look out! =)


Anthonette said...

Hi Heidi & Adriel, thanks for featuring my card! I'm glad I had time to play.

chelemom said...

These are all fab!!!

AnastasiaC said...

awesome - here is the link to mine