Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Love of Kraft!

From Adriel:

My mom and I were talking the other day about how much we love the color "kraft". It's so versatile and goes with so many colors. It's one of those colors that is a "go-to" when you don't know where else to start. It doesn't look cheap... it's somewhat trendy. You can keep it plain or dress it up... it looks fabulous either way. If I was energetic enough, I would put my creative writing to practice and write an Ode to Kraft... but I'm not, so I won't make you suffer either. ;-) I find that I have to almost force myself to use another color and I really tried to with these cards, but my mom and I both agreed that Kraft was the only acceptable card base for these lovely and simple stamped images.

I used inks and a blender pen to give them a "water colored" look... this stamped image from Stampin' Up's Asian Artistry is just gorgeous and looks even more incredible with a bit of color. I spent an afternoon a couple of weeks ago just coloring away... it was somewhat relaxing even. Using the blender pen makes me feel like the artist that I'm not! =)
So what color are you hooked on right now? I'd love to know... it might help me try something new and get out of my rut! =D


Shabby Horse said...

Oh man! These are beautiful! I love the water color look. You did an amazing job on these!

Anthonette said...

I LOVE kraft too! When the Little Guy asks what my favorite color is, I tell him I like all colors, but I love kraft. I also have to force myself to not use it everytime.

These cards are gorgeous!