Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Last Tea Bag Book

From Heidi..Here's my last share of tea bag books...although, after Adriel's post on photography I'm a little shy at posting my photographs. My disclaimer is that I haven't visited the blogsite that Adriel posted...I will, but I've already got my photos ready to post. So view these as my BEFORE photos (haha).
I used the Ruffle Edge Technique that came from Jan Tinklenberg on this tea book. I must say that gathering fabric is a whole lot easier than gathering paper. I really like how the ruffle turned out, but I haven't decided whether or not I enjoyed the technique...I got a little frustrated with it, so I have to factor that in, as to whether it's something I want to do a lot of. I haven't tried it again, so it's obviously not one of those things that I really loved doing.

If you'd like to try it, here's brief instructions on how to do it.
(Supplies - Crimper, 1"x12" strip of DS paper, Scallop Edge Punch, Sticky Strip, CS oval, circle, or other shape...and patience!)
-Use a 1"x12" strip of DS paper and scallop punched one long edge of the strip.

-Run the scalloped strip through the crimper.
-Place sticky strip on the backside of a CS shape, to which the ruffle will be attached. Don't try and make the sticky strip nice and smooth, it will look bumpy, especially if you're going around a circle or oval shape.

-Peel off the sticky strip backing on your CS.

-Start pleating your scalloped, crimped DS strip of paper and as the tutorial I used says, "Start sticking..." and adhering your pleated sections onto the sticky strip of your CS back.

-Continue to pleat and gather evenly the DS strip, keeping it nice and even all the way around your CS shape until you come to the end. Simply trim off the excess.

If you try this, let me know how it turned out for you and if you came up with any "tricks" to evenly sticking it on the CS. Thanks again for visiting us!


Lucky Pebble said...

Thanks for the instructions. ;)

Christina said...

That's so pretty!

Paula J said...

I think it came out beautiful!!