Sunday, June 28, 2009

Disneyland Trip

From Adriel:

I got back a couple of days ago from a 5-day Disneyland trip with my family. I think we got enough Disneyland to last us for awhile! LOL! =) We had a great time spending time together and just having fun. That sounds kind of shallow, but the time together relaxing was so good for us! =)
I just wanted to share a few pictures of our trip with you...
We got to see Mickey!

The kids got lollipops!

Goofy & Friends!

In line for the Finding Nemo submarine ride.

Got a bunch more, but that's enough! =)

It is amazing how great Disneyland looks after all these years. It looks the same (with additional rides and attractions, of course) as it did when I was a kid. Music is playing everywhere and it's so clean. Every night after the fireworks on Main Street, there's this mouse-shaped confetti all over the street. They have vacuums and clean it all up every night! They create the same amazing experience every day for new customers. The crowd control people are calm and patient, even though the crowd is not. Almost every employee that I had contact with was pleasant. How do they do it?!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you're all having a nice weekend! =)

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