Saturday, August 8, 2009

Not Much Going On...

From Adriel:

Well, today definitely looks different than I would've thought it would look like.

My 8-year-old daughter woke me up at 3:40am this morning letting me know she had thrown up. What a way to wake up... after asking her a few questions, I found out she had thrown up in her bed. Yuck! Okay, I needed to get up and change the bedding. Then she told me she was sorry, but she had missed the toilet. What?! I tackled the bedding first... red colored vomit is not a pretty sight, let me tell you. Threw the soiled linens in the washer and started it. Took a peek at the bathroom. OH MY GOODNESS!!! It was all over the toilet seat, and was sprayed on the shower curtain, the floor and the wall. I guess we were dealing with projectile vomit! I wanted to cry. I didn't even know where to start cleaning it up! I left the bathroom to compose myself and process the mess... I also needed to spray the carpet by Kayla's bed, because, yes, the mess was on the carpet, too. Where wasn't it? =P My husband woke up around that time and helped me out with the mess. Cleaning up vomit is not on his top favorites (is it on anyone's?), so this was very nice of him. =) Well, got the mess cleaned up, but the poor thing threw up a couple more times during the early morning and I think she must have the flu. Anyway, I know you wanted to know all of this, so that's why I'm sharing! =D

Really, this is just what's going on... for real! I'm sure you feel like eating that yummy lunch or dinner you were planning on making right after you were done on the computer. Sorry! =P

Have a nice weekend! If you go out, wash your hands! I guess there's something going around. =)

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