Monday, August 10, 2009

Elegant Favor Box

From Adriel:

I usually can move my pictures around, but Blogger has been acting up on me lately, namely with pictures, and the picture is stuck at the top of this post. (I don't know why I feel the need to explain the placement of the photo, but I just do). I made this box using my Matchbox die for the Big Shot. I also used a stamp from the Matchbox Messages set. My daughter, Kayla, likes to make these little boxes. She's becoming quite the stamper and paper crafter!

Speaking of my daughter, she was fine the day after her day of being sick with the flu. We prayed for her and I really believe the Lord touched her body and helped her get well quickly. She was pretty sick on Saturday, with vomiting a few times in the early AM and not eating very much for the entire day and just sitting with the fever & chills and a stomach ache. She was not herself at all, as she is very energetic and perky and cheerful most of the time. Sunday she was hungry and was back to herself. I was surprised at such a quick recovery. I thanked the Lord with her Sunday evening. =) I know that God's answer is sometimes "no" and we don't always understand and He is still worthy of our praise and worship. But sometimes His answer is "yes" and I just wanted to give God the credit and glory He deserves. God is a good God, no matter what His answer is. =)

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