Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Surprise Award

Thank you, Paula, for choosing us as one of the recipients of the Honest Scrap! Paula is a scrapbooker who sells some of her fun paper items on Etsy. You can visit her site at:

So, the rules of the award are that we choose 7 blogs to pass this award onto and tell why we love their blog, we also list 10 things about ourselves, and then we're to leave a comment on the recipient's blog to let them know they were chosen. I like Paula's idea of choosing 7 over several days, as it does take a bit of time. So, that's what we'll be doing. Be sure and check back throughout the week to see who we've chosen and why we love their blogs.

Our first blog award goes to...Deb Rymer!
I love her style...clean and colorful, and she has a wonderful eye for layout. I'm always inspired by her cards. You can view her lovely cards here:

#1 - About us (Heidi)...I'll choose to live in the hot desert over anyplace that's cold and damp.

Thanks for visiting us and we hope you have a great day! - Heidi

1 comment:

Deb Rymer said...

Thank you both so much for all the kinds words! But wait - I get so much inspiration from YOU - seems like I should be giving you an award!