Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Card for Kwerner's Color Challenge #53 and Big News about my Bro!

From Adriel:

So I'm late in getting this posted (even though it was done yesterday), but that's okay. =)

I used the colors from this weeks color inspiration to make a birthday card for my brother who is turning 17 next month!! I thought the colors were great for a masculine card.

BIG NEWS ALERT!! My brother finished 3rd place in the classical guitar competition today! Congratulations, Daniel! I've included a few links about my brother... hopefully he won't mind! =D

Daniel's website where you can find samples of his beautiful music HERE.
All the details about his latest competition HERE.
Article from 2008 about Daniel HERE.
An old video... he has gotten SO MUCH better since this video, but this is all I could find:

He is probably going to go, "Oh, brother!" when he finds out I put all this information about him on here, but that's okay! I'm very proud of him and glad for him... now he can take a break from the 3 hours of practicing a day!

Now that I'm thinking about it, hopefully he doesn't look too much on here, because he will see his birthday card! Oh well! =)


Deb Rymer said...

Adriel - your card is so great for a teen - love the big bright stars! I checked out your brother's playing and WOW - he is so very talented! I'm going to pass these links on to my son to show him what is possible. Thanks for sharing this!

Susan (rainy) said...

What a great teen card. Your brother is awesome!

Joan B said...

Fabulous card. LOVE those colors. Your brother rocks!