Tuesday, May 26, 2009


From Adriel:

Has this blog been neglected or what the past few days?!?! Sometimes there are just things that come up in life that are a bit more important than blogging, know what I mean? =) I honestly haven't been creating all that much, either, so I don't have very many tricks to pull out of my hat... BUT, I do remember showing you all a boxed set of cards awhile back that I said I would show another version of sometime. This seems like the perfect time! =)

For all the details about where to get the template and what I did with the cards, click HERE to go to a previous post.

This beautiful project just so happens to be our monthly Stamp Club/Project Class for next month (June)! More details in our upcoming newsletter...


Deb Rymer said...

Oh, these are gorgeous, too! Thanks for reminding me how much I liked your first project - and had wanted to try it!

Susan (peebsmama) said...

LOVE this color combo. And the simple leaves offset by the neat patterned paper make such an interesting design.