Monday, February 15, 2010

Favorite Valentines

From Adriel:

I know, I know... Valentine's Day is over and won't be visiting us again for another year, but I just couldn't resist sharing some of the Valentine craftiness that caught my eye with you. With Valentine's Day being only yesterday, I thought I could get away with it! ;-)

Here's some favorites:

These are super cute by Geny Cassady:
Love this card by Nancy Riley:

Cute box idea from Jen Sannes:

These are just adorable by Lisa Spangler: Cute box idea from Andrea Walford:


Nancy Riley said...

WOW! I was shocked to discover my card featured here! I'm incredibly honored ... thank you!!!!!

A Scrappy Design said...

Those cards in the first pic are just way too cute!

amaniworks said...

i love the cute little owl card!