Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Beautiful Card

From Adriel:

I'm writing the post for this entry, but I can't take credit for this beautiful card... my mom made it. She did such a beautiful job on it and I love her color combo... gorgeous!

Here is yet another card sample for the nature cards we (mainly she) was/were working on a couple of weeks ago. Mom made lovely lollipop flowers and they "pop" out at you, don't they? Really pretty... did I mention I really like this card? ;-)

Beautiful job, Mom! =)


Anthonette said...

Love the bright colors! Great job, Heidi.

Susan (rainy) said...

Oh this really is a gorgeous card. I absolutely love the whole design. The piercing around the circle is such a wonderful detail.

Deb Rymer said...

Ooooh - love it! So bright and elegant!

KimB said...

Hi Heidi and Adriel,

this is a gorgeous card - those vibrant pink flowers really do pop off the Kraft and I love the two toned branches. Thanks for visiting.