Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring 3x3 Cards

From Adriel:

Another day... wait a minute! It's Wednesday and that means it's the middle of the week! (I'm just being random and weird, so just act like this is normal!) LOL! =D

I'm making yummy French Dip Sandwiches for dinner tonight using my mom's famous recipe (at least it is in our family). "Why do I want to know this?" you ask... well, you probably don't care, but I'm looking forward to it and wanted to share! Hey, that rhymed!! Did you notice that?

Okay, okay, I'll stop! I really should stop. Let's get back to what we usually do here...

I used the retired set "Drawing on Nature" for these cute 3x3 note cards. I stamped them in chocolate chip ink and then used pastels to color in some of the image. The pastels really worked well on these cards, as they added a very soft touch of color that went well with the style of the cards.

I also distressed all the edges by using the sponging technique along with Sahara Sand ink... it's a great color for distressing. I think I mentioned that previously!! LOL! =) Well, it is... so that's why I'm saying it again!
The bunny cards are sold out in our Etsy shop, but the butterfly cards are still available. Do you like how I bolded and enlarged the key words there? I thought I would make it easy for you to find out the status of these cards!! =) heehee You can find the butterfly note cards HERE.

Well, I suppose it's time to end this rather unusual post. If I continue, it may result in more random weirdness... so, I will end by saying...

Thank you so much for coming by and checking out what we're up to. Also, thanks for your comments! It makes blogging so rewarding! Have a great day, everyone! =)


Kim said...

You are so talented! I have no idea what a French Dip sandwich is, but it sounds good :)

Audrey said...

You have the most amazing cards!! I wish you lived here - I would love to watch you at work!
I too would like to know what a French Dip Sandwich is.

Oh - were you interested in joining the Bag Swap on my blog? You left a comment - but didn't really say either way

Lucky Pebble said...

Lovely as always.
French Dip = Awesome. ;)

Christina said...

You really do such cute work!

TresArtsy said...

You papercrafters amaze me! Such beautiful cards! (AND you cook, too!)

ARTLIFE said...

very cute cards!!!