Friday, April 17, 2009

Date Books AKA Birthday Calendars

From Adriel:

How many times has this happened to you? You forgot your grandpa's birthday, or you have to hustle to the store the day of a good friend's birthday or your own anniversary snuck up on you (and you're empty-handed!). Do any of these scenarios (or even all!) sound familiar?

You're not alone! I have done all of the above... and more!! It's terrible... I feel terrible when I do it. I've tried keeping the special dates written down on my wall calendar, but when I get my new calendar for the new year, I forget to transfer the dates. Aghhh!

There's hope for people like me! Yay! =)

These organizers fit nicely into a medium-size handbag or purse, so you can take it along with you! There are lists for each month and also gift lists for keeping track of ideas. There are two small pockets for gift receipts and gift cards. And the nice thing... you don't have to transfer those special dates when you get a new calendar. They're all in this wonderful organizer, written down, never to be forgotten again (we hope! LOL!). More pictures and details about these organizers can be found by visiting HERE and HERE!

The question is why didn't I start using one of these A LONG time ago?!?! I am still getting in the habit of using mine. I don't consider myself to be very old (yet), but I guess even average-aged dogs have a hard time learning new tricks. Writing this post is even reminding me to get mine out and bring it up to date and make sure I've got my dates down. I'm hoping that next year I won't forget my grandpa's birthday... ;-)


Susan (rainy) said...

Wonderful idea! Both of your books are beautifully done.

Yaneri said...

These are really really cute! Great idea!