Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Accidental Discovery

From Adriel:

I made a couple of these cards a couple of weeks ago. In the process, I accidentally dropped my stamp pad right on top of one of the cards!! EEEK! I was about to scrap it, but then I thought about "dropping" the stamp pad deliberately and controlled all around the edges. Hmm... what did I have to lose? The card was already "ruined". So, I deliberately laid the stamp pad right on top of the card at different angles and also used the stamp pad directly on the edges to distress them. Anyway, I love how this card turned out with a grunge flavor hand-in-hand with the victorian look. Sometimes accidents give birth to new and fresh ideas! I'll be listing this card soon in our Etsy shop! =)


Lucky Pebble said...

Yay for happy accidents!

michele said...

What a great idea. Like making lemons into lemonade.