Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Fun Party Favor!

From Adriel:
Hi there! I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. We enjoyed ours with our family and friends. We got the ping-pong table out and had some fun with that. My dad spend this weekend building a wall craft storage thingy in the craft room at my parents' house. It looks so nice! I will have to put a picture of what he did on here when I get a chance. He did a great job and it will make the creating process so much easier with everything nicely organized and at our fingertips. So a BIG thank you to my dad!

Onto the subject of my post... a fun party favor! These little things are apparently called "Sour Cream Containers". Click here for the tutorial on SCS. I've wanted to try this out for awhile and had some time last week. These were fairly simple and quick to make. My kids wanted to make one, too, so I helped them put theirs together and they decorated them afterwards. Jacob gave his to Daddy and it got opened and thrown away before we got a picture. Here's mine and Kayla's. Kayla did a cute job decorating hers. Anyway, it was a fun project and one that the kids enjoyed making also.

All this is in preparation for the classes we will doing at Tumbleweed Rec Center during the winter through Parks & Rec for Chandler. We'll be doing a party favor class where we will be teaching participants how to make all kinds of different party favors. It should be a lot of fun!

Thanks for stopping by and looking! Have a great day!

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CindyB said...

These are so cute! SOunds like a wonderful class!

My daughter and I are a stamping team too! Thanks for visiting my blog amd for the kind comments.