Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cute Nugget Box and Cute Frame (and a Cute Kid)!

From Adriel:

LOL! That cute kid is my brother... like 4 or 5 years ago!!! Haha! He is going to appreciate my title very, very much!

Today I worked on October's newsletter. We should be getting it out to those of you who are signed up to receive our newsletter within the next couple of days. I had it almost completely finished this evening and hit the save button and this box pops on the screen that says "We're sorry, Microsoft has encountered an error and has to close the program." NOOOOO!!!! Fortunately for me, I have a genius computer guy for a husband and he was able to restore the file and get it back! Thanks, Gary!!! So, I didn't end up having to spend the rest of the night redoing all that work! I'm so thankful!
Here's a little something to share with you. A chocolate nugget box and chipboard frame! I made these in preparation for our Christmas Treasures class through Chandler Parks & Rec. For those of you who haven't heard, beginning in December, our classes will be held at Tumbleweed Rec. Center in Chandler! We are very excited about this! My mom is also going to be doing classes at the Senior Center downtown.

This nugget box was pretty simple to make. There's a gal on SCS that posted a gob of different files with different dimensions for different sized boxes that fit different numbers of nuggets with different... you get the point! Anyway, the link to get to the thread all about the nugget boxes is HERE. It's crazy! There are no directions, but if you are familiar with basic box-making, it's fairly easy to figure out. I got stuck at one point and had to take my box apart and fold it differently, but I think that was more of a blonde moment (my SCS user name is blondestamper) and not because the project was difficult! I used Chocolate Chip CS for the basic box and the all-new Autumn Vine DS paper from Stampin' Up! I used the Best Friends alphabet set for the letters on the nuggets. Love the results!

The frame is from Stampin' Up! and is a chipboard frame. I just covered it with Autumn Vine DS paper and sanded the edges. I put a piece of CS behind, leaving a space for a picture to be inserted. Added the bling in the corners. I will be putting a magnet on the back of this (it is supposed to be a magnetic picture frame).

Hope you enjoyed looking today! I know Christmas is a little ways away, but we are having to get all this stuff ready for our classes. Hope some of you can join us! Thanks for looking!

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dasimonds said...

Your Nugget Box..
and frame look Great!