Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kayla's Turn

From Adriel:

Of course, the Kayla girl has to have a turn sharing her Build-a-Bear card! =) Again, I can't move my pics... very annoying (wonder if it will ever work normally again?). Anyway, Kayla made this card as a "window card". She said she had been dreaming about making one. (I guess she's already a card-making addict!) I had to help her with the coluzzle and cutting out the square, but she did the rest. She dimensioned the white cardstock behind the frame. She even embossed the bear! I'm not kidding you, she's really into card-making! =D

We had a nice lunch today and I have to correct myself... the place was called "The Olive Mill" not "press", like I thought. We ate lunch outside... it was a bit too warm, but they had misters and we sat fairly close to those so it was alright outside. The food was different, but it was tasty and that is fun to try something new and have it be yummy. =) Forgot the camera, so no pics! Sorry!

My mom and I are just busy working away at our little business! Yesterday I created a couple cards for a class in November... I know that seems far away, but having it done ahead of time gives you time to keep creating and is also nice for ordering. Because we order most of our supplies through Stampin' Up!, we have to have our projects planned at least a couple of weeks ahead of time to allow for delivery of our supplies. We have a white board with the upcoming classes over the next few months listed, and it really helps to plan and create. My mom is a pretty organized person and I'm blessed to be working with her, because I'm not naturally organized. I really do appreciate organization and I just need to practice it more. =)

I guess the only other thing to add to this post is that we have been included in a fun treasury on Etsy called "Funky Fresh and Fun". Be sure to check it out by clicking HERE! =)

Have a wonderful Wednesday! =)

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