Saturday, October 2, 2010

Christmas Tags

From Heidi...
It sure seems like it was just the beginning of January 2010 and here we are at the beginning of October looking towards the end of the year. it just me or does time seem to be flying by? I've been thinking about our upcoming Christmas projects, planning and creating for them. We have a fun class that we hold each year called Holiday Treasures. In this class we create unique gift card holders, treat cards and containers and other fun holiday gift-giving items. This year we're creating a Cocoa Holder, a Candy Bar/Bookmark card, Gift Tags, and a cute Stocking-Shaped Gift Card Holder. These are the Christmas Gift Tags we'll be making...too cute! This class will be held at Tumbleweed on Thursday, November 11  (class codes 331TW.150 - 12:30-3 PM; 332TW.150 - 7-9:30 PM). We'd love to have you join us...the more the merrier!

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Abundance Yeah said...

Love the tags
Great blog. Following from Saturday blog hop.

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