Sunday, October 24, 2010

Punched Christmas Penguin and Reindeer

After we planned our classes for last year's Christmas cards and projects, I saw this little punched penguin and reindeer on someone's blog (I apologize for not knowing who came up with these little guys...if you know, please let me know). I tucked this idea away and couldn't wait until this year's classes, so that I could use them on gift card holder-ornaments that we'll be making, along with another gift card holder in our Tuesday, November 2 classes (323TW.130/ 10-Noon and 324TW.130/ 7-9 PM)  at Tumbleweed Recreation Center. There's still room, if you'd like to join us. Thanks for stopping by!

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Shabby Horse said...

These tags are just adorable! So cute :0)