Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stamp Club Today!

Today marks the day of our first Stamp Club meeting! This month's Stamp Club project is this cute and very practical Birthday Calendar. It's great for keeping track of all those birthdays in one place and also gift ideas, PLUS it looks so great!

If you're unfamiliar with how a Stamp Club works, here's a brief explanation:

For 10 months, you agree to spend $25 (each month) in Stampin' Up! merchandise from Heidi (she's the demo). In doing this, you join what we call a "Stamp Club". Following is a list of benefits given to Stamp Club members:

- Stamp Club members receive a FREE copy of the current Idea Book & Catalog, along with other miscellaneous promotional catalogs throughout their 10-month membership!

- Stamp Club members get to come to our club meetings where we make great projects and learn new techniques. There is no extra cost for this! This is an added bonus for joining the Stamp Club. For instance, at this month's club meeting, we will be making birthday calendars. Club members don't have to pay for supplies or anything! They just get to come and have fun and make and create!

- Stamp Club members receive hostess benefits one of the months they are a club member. This doesn't mean you have to "host" anything, rather you simply receive the benefits a hostess would receive from a workshop. You receive the basic hostess benefits, which is a free level 1 hostess reward and $15 in free Stampin' Up! merchandise. You don't have to invite anyone to a workshop or anything! This is just an added bonus you receive for becoming a Stamp Club member. We do offer the option to club members that if they would like to increase their hostess benefits during their month as "hostess", they can "host" their own workshop with friends and collect outside orders, but this is not a requirement.

So, in a nutshell, for $25 a month (for 10 months) Stamp Club members get $25 in Stampin' Up! product a month, along with a FREE monthly project class, FREE catalogs, & FREE Stampin' Up! product (on their month as hostess)!

If you're in or around the area of Chandler, AZ and would like to join us, send us an email to get all the details! We'd love to have you.

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