Thursday, November 13, 2008

Changes Coming!

From Adriel:

Hi there! I'm just letting you all know that the Two Happy Stampers blog will be getting a new look in a few days. That's right... a "blog-lift". So, when you visit us and it looks different, you will know why and not think you came to the wrong place! I think you're going to like the new look! Stay tuned...

BTW, sign up for the City of Chandler Parks & Recreation classes begins November 15 for Chandler residents! Click here to check out the Break Time magazine and see what classes we're offering. We are in the Teen & Adult section and also the Senior Adult section. Just look for our names as instructors for the classes. We will be teaching at Tumbleweed Rec. Center and my mom will be teaching a few classes at the Senior center in downtown Chandler. Below is a picture of a bunch of nugget boxes. These have a slider insert that slides out and holds nugget candies. The candies are individually covered with decorative paper. It's such a cute gift for anyone! This is one of several projects that we will be making for our Christmas Treasures class.

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Corie said...

These are just adorable!!