Friday, December 3, 2010

Custom Orders for Coupon Organizers

From Adriel:

We recently completed two custom orders for our cute and stylish coupon organizers. One of them actually was the smaller receipt size. They both turned out so nicely and the customers did a good job with their paper choices. The end result is always the best part, because they end up so cute! We just wanted to share them with you. =)

Hope your week has gone well. We've been busy working away on orders and creative stuff. For my mom that's nothing new, but it's been a nice break for myself to do some creative work solidly. I planned lighter school (for K & J) for the month of December so we could enjoy doing things we don't normally get to do so much... like creating (and making gingerbread houses, which we did Wed.)! =D

Have a great weekend!

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Shabby Horse said...

These are really clever, cute books. Happy holidays to you and your family. :)