Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How about a birthday card for a change?

From Heidi ...

Here's a birthday card for a change from our Valentine theme. This bright, cheery card is for my granddaughter's birthday and reflects her fun and bright personality. The decorative paper was from a paper package that she gave to me for my birthday... I'm sure she'll love that it's included on her card! Thanks for looking!


L2L said...

Hey there!!! I am a coordinator for our churches Deployed Spouses Support Group and was hoping you could help me with directions for your wonderful project I am wanting to instead make it a count down calendar for the ladies to make?

Two Happy Stampers said...

What a fun card, Mom! Love how bright and fun it is! Definitely Kayla!

Two Happy Stampers said...

Hi L2L,

Thanks for your comment and I would love to pass on the directions for the birthday calendar. I didn't find your email addy to respond to, so will respond to your request for the instructions here...You can email me at if you need more info.

8.5x11 left tab manila file folder. 1) Open folder so that the tab is in the top right corner. 2)Fold bottom of the folder up 4" to create the pockets. 3)Fold left side toward the center until the straight part touches the center line (apprx. 4.25") and continue to fold accordion style, making sure that all 4 sections line up evenly.
At this point you can decorate as you wish adding fasteners at the top of the 2 inner sections, adding decorative paper, placing ribbon on the inside of the back before closing it, stamping, etc. Once you've done the decorating, then using sticky strip, glue the outer perimeter of the sides of the pockets to enclose them, and sticky strip the back insides of the book together. If all of this is as clear as mud, email me and I will try and give clearer instructions. It sounds like a nice project!