Sunday, August 29, 2010

3-D Color Challenge

From Heidi...
Here's my Color Challenge submission for this month. I went 3-D...I did a workshop last week and wanted to have a fun hostess gift to give to my gracious hostess. She'd mentioned wanting to make these cake slices for her son's birthday, so I thought this would make a great hostess gift, and since I hadn't created anything for our Color Challenge, I thought his would also serve well as my submission. 
A few days before this workshop I had a funny dream ...I was setting up for another workshop in someone's dark hallway (why?) and I was thinking how dark it was, when I suddenly realized that I was supposed to be at the real workshop helping to set up. The problem was that I didn't have the address (this was why I had the dream, I was thinking that I still needed to get the address of my hostesses' house) AND I had no way to contact the hostess because I didn't know her phone number...panic! Fortunately my dread didn't come true...I made it to her house, met her great friends and had a fun time stamping together.
BTW...I just have to blog and say that I really, really like the card Adriel created for the Color looks even better in real life. Thanks again for visiting us!

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